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Easily connected to the main electricity meter of your home in a matter of seconds, without the need for special tools or a technician, it will monitor your appliances and their energy patterns.

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Thanks to proprietary algorithms Homie processes an incredible amount of electricity data, detecting appliances and understanding their consumption and behaviour. It is the brain that makes your home smarter and more efficient.


Be in control of your energy use. By monitoring your appliances and increasing your energy awareness you can enjoy a smarter more sustainable home, in real time from anywhere.


It is your single smart energy device. The Homie Hub monitors your entire home and appliances with just a current clamp that is attached with a simple ‘click’ to the main electricity meter at your home. No complex or intrusive installation, in just few minutes you can complete its simple set up.


The Homie Hub is so powerful that it can be considered a modern micro-PC. It is able to sample energy data at an extremely high frequency in order to see key appliance details and patterns. Then the Hub with its embedded software, remotely upgradable, pre-processes the data before securely passing them to the ALLO AI. The current smart meters on the market are not capable of Homies high-frequency and advanced data processing.




The ALLO AI securely operates in the Cloud, and with a set of proprietary machine learning algorithms, it detects and analyses your key appliances and their behaviour, making your home smarter.

Similarly to how a speech recognition system identifies words, phrases and voice, the ALLO AI identifies household appliances, devices and their behaviour. 


Combined with its ability to handle Big Data, it produces powerful analytics and actionable insights. The algorithms are live and constantly improving with their learning capability, opening a future of innovative services and applications.

The ALLO proprietary algorithms are able to process an immense amount of energy data sampled at extremely high frequency, representing the aggregated and total consumption of the entire home.


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One of the main abilities of our algorithms is to understand and detect the different appliances with their respective behaviour and consumption, starting from the total aggregated signal, allowing a true energy disaggregation and appliance itemisation.

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Every electronic device has its own “energy signature, like every human has their own voice and language. Homie’s algorithms listen to the many voices spoken by the appliances present in our homes and then they are able to isolate and understand them.


There are some appliances that ALLO AI is not yet able to detect, but as the community of users grow, the algorithms gather more data. With more data and its learning capability, new devices will be identified and the system will get smarter and smarter!

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The Homie App for smartphone and tablet is

your smart energy assistant at your

fingertips. Electricity by its nature is intangible; in that it is invisible, odourless, and silent. But with the Homie app energy becomes more intuitive, engaging, and fun, while your entire home becomes smarter, without changing a single appliance!


You can challenge yourself and other

members of your household to achieve

efficiency goals in a fun and interactive way.

Playing with the Homie app it empowers you to live a more sustainable life, positively impacting yourself and the planet. So, move your home to the next level of smart efficiency!

The Homie app is developed for IOS and Android with modern mobile technologies to offer you an easy delightful experience.



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HOMIE APP - Message Earth Day & Carbon Footprint
HOMIE APP - Message Carbon Footprint
HOMIE APP - Message Earth Day


HOMIE APP - Appliance Details


The Energy Portal is an extensive and comprensive energy management tool designed for industry professionals to maximise usability, flexibility and scalability.


The Energy Portal is a software tool that works in combination with the other elements of the Homie solution, offering powerful analytics, energy disaggregation and valid support for DSR mechanisms.

The energy monitoring features include different view options, from large aggregation of houses, to specific groups, all the way down to a single appliance of a specific home. Customisable data exports, alerts, notifications and comprehensive energy budgeting are some of the additional key functionalities available.


Our energy portal is developed with modern web technologies and tools to offer the best user experience and performance.

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