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We are a small and passioned team of people who believe technology and creativity must be used to generate a positive social, economical, and environmental impact. We are focused on the energy sector where we believe we can make a difference by facilitating the cultural change needed for achieving efficiency and sustainability. We are, among others, the ones who strongly believe it is everyone responsibility to act now, with no hesitation. We think sustainability starts at home and at work, every day. We know small acts when multiplied by millions of people can quietly transform the world!


In our core development team we have machine learning experts, backend and frontend software engineers, data scientists, hardware and firmware specialists. Our skills spread across multiple computer science fields, applied mathematic, big data and statistics, signal processing, electronic design, product design, user experience, materials and manufacturing process.


Giovanni Genta and Matteo Ciampi are the two co-founders of ALLO. 

They are good friends, colleagues, and now both super enthusiastic of working hard everyday for growing ALLO. 

They started to know each others many years ago when just employed after graduation, few weeks later, they have been sent together to Germany for supporting in a business exhibition. It has been quite a nice first impact! A part from feeling constantly unprepared, they remember to have enjoyed quite a lot the mission, and especially the local beer at night. From that first time together, they still have a memorable joke about a dish of sauerkraut, but unfortunately (or fortunately) that cannot be disclosed!


Over the years they have quite travelled the world, grew up in their careers and made their own mistakes. They also moved to new countries, met with some interesting people and learnt something about business. Constantly in those years they have explored and discussed between themselves about several new ideas, potential business opportunities, disruptive technologies, and the global challenges impacting the modern society. 


Looking back, for them this has been quite like a long and beautiful discovery process, and for a while nothing happened, nothing good enough to fully convince them. Not the right time, or not the right thing, even if the will to start their own path was always there and strong. Until one day in June (after a call of six hours between Italy and Scotland), when they clearly got the feeling that time was different. That time was 'the time'. That time was the start of their ALLO adventure.


Many things have been evolved since then, but they are still at the beginning of their journey, fully immersed in their big dream, running for getting the next result in the long run. Because dreaming big, it costs like dreaming small! So let’s have big dreams!

Matteo & Giovanni - Co-founders
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