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  • How does Homie help me save energy?
    Homie helps you to take smart decisions for what concern the use of your energy and the appliances you have in your home. It tells you what is going on in real time, helping you to understand how much your devices are consuming, identifying energy guzzlers or if there are situations you can improve. All in a dynamic and interactive way. Homie aims to change its users’ energy habits by reducing their energy consumption without compromising on comfort and safety. While offering an easy and engaging way to achieve efficiency, it also empower your current appliances to become smarter! If you already are a solar user, Homie can help you to become more independent from the grid, optimising your auto-consumption and maximising sustainability.
  • Why Homie is different from a Smart Meter?
    Smart Meters can only show you the total energy consumption of your home at regular intervals with a certain delay. They do not provide any of the following: Information on real time usage of your energy down to the appliance level to really understand how much energy a specific device uses and when Actionable and personalised insights and suggestions on how you can reduce your energy consumptions, avoid wastage and undesirable situations An easy to use, interactive and engaging way to communicate with you, keeping you always informed and updated on what is going on in your home Any information about your solar production or home batteries (if you have it) and how much you are consuming, storing or still using from the grid With Homie all these essential features for energy efficiency are available and in addition to that, you can unlock a number of benefits for the comfort and safety of your family. By setting personalised appliance notifications, alerts and scenes, Homie offers you a smarter home experience.
  • Does Homie keep my energy data?
    Homie uses and keeps your energy data with the target to offer you the best user experience, functionalities, performance and services possible, available through a smarter home and energy management solution. Privacy, data integrity and security are since the very beginning at the core of our development strategies and practices. All recorded data is kept safe and secure according to strict procedures. You can be safe and confident about how we treat your data, as you are when you access your online banking.
  • Which appliances Homie will monitor?
    Homie helps you to take smart decisions about your electricity usage and change your energy habits where there are opportunities for reducing consumption and wastage, without compromising in your comfort. To be effective in this purpose, Homie is now focused on the most consuming and critical appliances there are in our typical homes. For this reason, at the moment it won’t detect low-wattage consumer electronics, like laptops or chargers. However, gathering energy data from more and more homes will allow Homie to constantly improve and expand the device detection capability.
  • How do I install Homie at home and what I need?
    Homie can be easily installed by everyone without the need of a technician, neither specific tools and skills, or any change to the home electrical system. The hardware installation can be literally done in a matter of seconds, while the rest of the set up is done through your smartphone or tablet in few minutes, following an easy and guided procedure. The few things you need are: Access to our home electricity meter (or smart meter) A power socket within 2 meters from your electric meter (or extension cable) A normal WiFi signal
  • For which countries Homie is available?
    Homie is available and compatible for homes with single-phase, split and three-phase electric power.
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